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Top 5 Types of Ear Piercings Names and Pictures

Body piercing is the act of puncturing a human body part with a needle has been a popular practice for ages. It was very common among Americans, Africans and Rome; years ago but now body piercing is a common practice among boys and girls throughout the world.

Body piercing is done for the purpose of adornment, fashion, and tradition. Ear and nose piercing is common and both these body parts are adorned with jewelry of different sizes and shapes. Ear piercing is common and top five types of ear piercing that render you with a charming look are listed here.

Top 5 Types of Ear Piercing

Top 5 Types of Ear Piercings Names and Pictures

  1. Anti-Tragus Piercing

Anti Tragus Piercing

Anti-Tragus piercing is done on the piece of cartilage that is opposite to the ear canal. Antitragus piercing is neighbor to tragus as it is also done with the small needle. Some people have small tragus and this can cause difficulty while wearing other jewelry and handsfree so for this you can wear a small piece of jewelry. The piercing should be kept clean to avoid infections and it is not that prone to irritation.

  1. Conch Piercing

Conch Piercing

The name conch is derived from the conch shells that are found on ocean coasts. This piercing involves hole of the ear cartilage. A conch piercing is of two types – inner and outer. The conch piercing is done with the hypodermic needle and it requires special handling and care. An inner conch piercing is more common and this is more open to allergies and infections. So the use of antibiotic ointments like polyfax or alcohol is preferred after piercing and avoids changing of jewelry for about 8 weeks for quick healing after piercing. Use of captive bead ring provides an eye-catching look. It is often credited as a remedy for asthma.

  1. Daith Piercing

Daith Piercing

Daith piercing passes through the innermost cartilage fold of ear that is difficult to access and it should be performed by the professional person. It expects good aftercare and daily cleaning to avoid infections. Don’t apply any perfume or hairspray until the wound is healed. Death piercing is a spectacular form of piercing and by wearing shiny jewelry it looks adorable.Daith piercing is often credited as a remedy for a migraine.

  1. Helix Piercing

Helix piercing

When the upper portion of the ear is punctured this is called Helix piercing. Helix piercing is done with the help of a gun or by using a small gauge piercing needle. This type of piercing causes pain if it is not done by a professional person, this can lead to bleeding or swelling and ultimately cause infection. Infection can be prevented by using antibiotic ointment. the advantage of this piercing is that it doesn’t cause any severe pain as there are no nerve endings in the upper portion of the ear.  Helix piercing is more common in teenagers, as they look adorable when they wear colorful pearls or gemstones in the hole.

  1. Earlobe Piercing

Earlobe Piercing

The fleshy part of the ear is called lobe of the ear. It is the simplest, prominent and common style of ear piercing. This is less painful due to the absence of nerve endings in the lobe. Every woman even man follow this type of piercing. Variety of designs is available for ornamenting the ears. The healing period for this type of piercing is 6-8 months and needle should be chosen according to the skin type of person. Earlobe piercing is the most acceptable fashion throughout the world.

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