Top 5 Pet-Friendly International Airlines 2020 for Safe Traveling

When you’re beloved ones leave the home you become sad, the same is with the pets. If you are pet-owner the thought of distance from them makes you feel sad and it is hard enough. You care about your pets a lot when they live with you; they are just like your family members. So for long distance to travel, there are International Air Lines through which your pet can safely travel with you.

Top 5 Pet-Friendly International Airlines

Top 5 Pet-Friendly International Airlines 2020

5. Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines
Delta is a pet-friendly airline. This offers a variety of options for your pets. Your pets can travel in the cabin with you and the money depends on the route. A health certificate is necessary for the pet which is made by a licensed veterinarian doctor. Confirmation of feeding instructions is done and all schedules of 24 hours feeding are written. To keep the pet safe and sound Delta observes the seasonal change. As everything has non-benefits too as so Delta, it cannot carry all breed of pets pug-nosed dogs and cats are no longer acceptable but some are acceptable ad cargo.

4. Alaska Air Lines

Alaska AirLines
Alaska Airlines ensures the safe traveling of the pets with you or separately. Short-nosed dogs, cats, and some Persian breeds are not permitted to travel as they have breathing problems. Your pets can travel with you in a pet carrier. The fee for pet traveling is $100 each way. If your animal is an emotional or psychiatric animal you will need proper documentation from licensed mental health person. Keep the current photograph of your pet with you while traveling and your pet should have proper identification.

3. Southwest Airlines

South West Airlines
Southwest airlines carry your small, vaccinated, domestic pets on domestic flights. They charge $95 per pet carrier, only the pet that can be seated under the seats are allowed to travel. Pets are served on first come first served services. Emotional and psychiatric animals are allowed to travel onboard. Only 6 animals can travel per flight.

2. United Airlines

United Airlines
Every domesticated animal can travel in United Airlines except cockatoos. The choice of the kennel is according to your pet and the size of the kennel should be small enough to fit under the seat. Service charges are $125 each way. Large size animals can also travel and they need no kennel your animal can seat in front of your seat.

1. Pet Airways

Pet Airways
Pet Airways plan a private plane with your pets. Two to three passengers can fly with you in and out of local airports. Price depends on the length of the route. Pets in this airline receive the best treatment.

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