Top 5 Most Holy Places of Islam in the World

In the state of depression and being low, the very first thing a normal person thought to do is visiting a holy place. Every religion has their own holy places that clear out the strength of their belief in their religion. Same is the case with Islam as well. No doubt that Islam is one of the most widespread religions in the whole world.  All around the world, there are so many holy places of Islam that implicate out the prominence of its vital image. Below we have the list of top 5 Most Holy Places of Islam around the world.

Top 5 Most Holy Places of Islam

Top 5 Most Holy Places of Islam in the World

  1. Mada’in Saleh (Saudi Arabia)

Al-Hijr - Mada’in Saleh

On the 5th spot, we have the name of Mada’in Saleh in Saudia Arabia.  This place is located in Medina that is the second holiest sites in Islam after Mecca. Medina is the first place of residence of our Holy Prophet (PBUH). It is the place where his grave is located.  This place is known for having so many holy mosques as well such as Mosque of Quba.

  1.   Al-Masjid an-Nabawi (Madina, Saudia Arabia)

Al-Masjid an-Nabawi

Next, on our list, we have Al-Masjid an-Nabawi. It is also located on the site of Madina in Saudia Arabia.  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) settled in this mosque as after his migration to Medina after which this place was turned into the mosque.  Prophet himself constructed the place into the mosque. This mosque is serving as being the community center, as well as a court, and a religious school.

  1. Karbala (Iraq)

Karbala, Iraq

Karbala is one of the well-known city places that is located in Central Iraq. This is located at the distance of around 100km from the southwest of Baghdad.  This place has been known as the holy city for the Shi’ite Muslims just like Mecca, Madina, and Jerusalem. This holy place is visited by millions of Muslims every single year at the time of Muharram month.

  1. Al Aqsa Mosque (Palestine)

Al Aqsa Mosque

At the 2nd spot on our list of top 5 most holy places of Islam, we would bring out with the name of Al Aqsa Mosque.  This is one of the most important and holy mosques that is located in Jerusalem. It is located in the place of Haram esh-Sharif. It has been occupying with the south side of the Haram and is also oriented with the north to south. The entrance and so as the main facade is on the north side that is directly facing the Dome of the Rock.

  1. The Kaaba (Makkah Saudia Arabia)

The Kaaba (Makkah Saudia Arabia)

Last and most important of all is the Ka’bah that is located in Makkah Saudia Arabia. This place is somehow the form of small building that is located just as within the courtyard of al-Haram Mosque. This place is considered the most Holy of them all among the Muslims around the world.

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