Top 5 Most Expensive Pet Birds in the World

Keeping the pet birds in the house makes you get the feeling of being pleasant atmosphere and love of nature around you all the time. If you think that species of birds are just limited to sparrows, crows and peacocks then you are 100% wrong with this concept! Birds are divided into so many hundreds of species. Every single bird is different in specie from one another as for its appearance and features. There are so many pet birds around the world who are known for being expensive in rates. Let’s take a look at the top 5 most expensive pet birds in the world!

Top 5 Most Expensive Pet Birds

Top 5 Most Expensive Pet Birds in the World

  1. Scarlet Tanager ($ 900)

Scarlet Tanager

Scarlet Tanager bird is basically known as the American bird. This bird has some features that make it similar to Cardinal bird. It is bright red in color. It has wings that are black in color. It has the olive body that is yellowish in color. The cost of this bird is around $900. It has the weight of around 23.5 to 38 g. Adults males Scarlet Tanager are red with black wings and so as the tail.

  1. Ayam Cemani ($ 2500)

Ayam Cemani

Next, we have the name of Ayam Cemani! This pet bird has an interesting looking beak and tongue. It has a black comb with wattles. They have the blood that is somehow normally colored. Their black color does take place as because of the excess pigmentation of the tissues that might happen to take place as because of the genetic condition is known as fibromatosis. They have the weight of around 2–2.5 kg. This pet bird has the market price of around $2500.

  1. Toucan ($ 10000)


The next one of our list of top 5 most expensive birds in the world, is the attractive looking bird, Toucan.They are different looking as because of their color that is black and yellow with the white patches. They are much found in Southern Mexico, as well as in South America, and also in the Caribbean. You will be able to find this bird in almost 40 different species. They are expensive because of their beauty outlook. They are placed at the cost of around $10,000

  1. Hyacinth Macaw ($ 14000)

Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw is the bird that is the native of central and eastern South America.  This bird is known as one of the largest flying parrots in the world. They have a strong beak that can easily break the seeds. This bird has the estimated cost of around $14000.

  1. Palm Cockatoo ($ 16000)

Palm Cockatoo

Black Palm Cockatoo bird is one of the tallest birds of them all with the height of around 60cm and also the most expensive one. They are unique looking for their gray smoke feathers and red spots on the head top. They are part of Cockatoo family. They are native to New Guinea, and Aru Islands, as well as the Cape York Peninsula. This bird has the estimated cost of around $16000.

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