Top 5 Most Beautiful Tropical Islands in the World List 2018 to Visit

Undoubtedly this universe is full of outstanding beautiful places. The sizzling view of these fascinating places impacts on the human. But the scenery of outstanding islands exhibits the reality of nature. Our world possesses so many outstanding tropical islands.

But we are going to reveal the top 5 most beautiful tropical islands in the world list 2018 to visit. In order to make your vacation remember forever must visit any one of the below-listed islands.

Top 5 Most Beautiful Tropical Islands in the World 2018

Top 5 Most Beautiful Tropical Islands in the World

1) Palawan, Philippines

Palawan Island Philippines

Palawan is one of the largest and famous tropical islands in the world. It is an Island and province, situated in the Philippines. Bright white beaches, lush green forests, and coral reefs add some extra charms to its fascination. The tremendous Tropical Island will force you to stay long. Palawan is full of wildlife and aquatic animals. The most splendid view of this island arises your internal love to nature. It is spread in the area of 12,188.6 Km2.

2) Maui, Hawaii:

Maui Island Hawaii

Maui is an island in the Central Pacific part of the Hawaiian archipelago.  It is a 17th largest island in the United States. The beautiful pools and waterfalls of Ohe’o Gulch give a mesmerizing view.  In vacations, the nature lovers rush at this island from all over the globe. The Haleakala National Park is surrounded by the highest peak of Maui Island. It is spread in the area of 1884 Km2. I must recommend experiencing this beautiful island, which absolutely feels you pleasure to visit.

3) Bali, Indonesia:

Bali Island Indonesia

Bali is also one of the most beautiful tourist destinations to visit in the world in 2018. It is famous for its forested volcanic mountains. The Indonesian International Film Festival is held every year in Bali. This tropical island is the part of the biodiversity of Marine Species such as coral Triangle. Bali is also famous for its yoga and meditation retreats. It is spread on an area of 5780 km2 with an elevation of 3148 m.

4) Bora Bora:

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is also fallen on the list of most beautiful islands in the world. It is situated in French Polynesia. The unimaginable shade of the water of this island really feels your pleasure. It is full of amazing aquatic animals clearly visible beneath the water. Bora Bora is the famous island for its aqua-centric luxury resorts. On the western side of this outstanding island, there is a Vaitape. It is speeded in the areas of 30.55 Km2.

5) Maldives:


The Maldives is mention in the best islands of the world. It is South Asian Island located in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives is full of outstanding restaurants for tourist to stay and enjoy the beauty of lovely Island. Male is the capital of it and the most populated country. Due to its central location, it is traditionally called King’s Island. It spread on the area of 2982 Km.

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