Top 5 Largest Rice Producing Countries in the World 2018

Rice is one of the most important productions being carried out all over the world. There are so many countries in the world who are strongly participating in the rice production economy. Many of us do not know the fact behind the rice production that it does add some positive impact on the land cultivation and so as the economy rate of the country. Checking out below as we have compiled the list of top 5 largest rice producing countries in the world 2018. Let’s have a look!

Top 5 Largest Rice Producing Countries in the World

Top 5 Largest Rice Producing Countries in the World 2018

  1. Vietnam


In Vietnam, the Mekong and Red River are two major areas that are the greater sources of food supply.  Vietnam is one of the richest known countries in the category of agriculture. It is the second biggest export source in the world. It is also known as the 7th largest consumer for the rice production on a global level. It has been figured out that almost 17 million of the population inside Vietnam is working for the cultivation of rice.

  1. Bangladesh


On the basis of the seasonal timings, the cultivation of the rice completely changes over.  Through the production of rice, Bangladesh makes the gross domestic production of rice about 28%. The monsoon season of Bangladesh is one of the best seasons for the cultivation of rice. Bangladesh carries out the rice production in the divisions of two harvests on annual basis.

  1. Indonesia


Indonesian rice cultivation has been put into the distribution of almost 10 millions of the hectares land. This makes the Indonesia economy stronger as well. In the recent years, the rice production of Indonesia has been interlinked with the development of the iron instruments. Every single farmer covers the land area of 0.8 hectares in the rice production.

  1. India


On the 2nd spot of our list, we will add the name of India! India has been considered to be one of the largest rice cultivating states on a global level.  They are high in the production of white rice and brown rice too.

  1. China


Last comes the name of China!  China has always remained on top of the rice production. Each year they produce 30% of the rice production that is largest in comparison to other countries. 1/3 population of China has the diet based on rice.

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