Top 5 Highest Paid NFL Quarterbacks in the World 2018

In the world sports of NFL, there are so many of the quarterback players that are hence remained to be the part of being highest paid.  We all know that the sport of football is often ranked at the top in the highest paying salary timeline, therefore, how is it not possible that their players are not rich. So let’s bring out the list of top 5 highest paid NFL quarterbacks in the world 2018 for you to just give you the idea about how much they earn on yearly basis.

Top 5 Highest Paid NFL Quarterbacks in the World

Top 5 Highest Paid NFL Quarterbacks in the World 2018

  1. Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco

Jimmy Garoppolo

This NFL player is named as one of the finest American football quarterbacks. He has been playing by the side of the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League (NFL). He the net worth of around $137 million as it was recorded in the year 2018. In just the least time period of the career start, this player has won with so many titles in the quarterback achievements. His playing skills are exceptional.

  1. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck is another one of the well known NFL players of all time. In the year 2016, he signed the contract for massive 6 years deal of $122.97 million. This made him turn around to be the highest-paid NFL player of all time. The total deal amount was at the worth of $122,970,000.

  1. Derek Carr, Oakland Raider

Derek Carr

Let’s just not waste time and bring Derek Carr from Oakland Raider on the 3rd spot!  In the year 2017, this player becomes the highest paid NFL players of all time with earnings of around $125 million.  At just the age of 26, he signed the amazing $125,025,000 contract over the extension over five years. He has been always incredible with the playing skills.

  1. Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford

Reaching the 2nd spot, without any doubt we will bring the name of Matthew Stafford from Detroit Lions.  Just a couple of months back, by signing a contract with Lions, this player made the history with a five-year of almost $135 million. This made him come about to be the 2nd highest-paid NFL players. He gets paid $27 million on the terms of annually that is the NFL’s highest-ever salary.

  1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers

Bringing last we have Aaron Rodgers from Green Bay Packers! He has played 13 seasons in NFL with the whopping worth of $110 million. One of his highest single-season earning was around $38.3 million. He has won one championship.  He is still under contract with Packers through 2019 in which his career earnings will reach $179.5 million.

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