Top 5 Hardest Musical Instruments to Play, Ranked by Difficulty Level

Do you love playing musical instruments? Well in the passion to play the musical instruments most of the time it does happen that you are not able to play it properly even after taking so much of the training. Well, the fault doesn’t fall in your training or the skills, it’s just that some of the musical instruments are way too hard to play. There are some of the musical instruments who have an extremely high difficulty level. If you are wondering which are those, then take a look at the list of top 5 hardest musical instruments to play given below.

Top 5 Hardest Musical Instruments to Play

Top 5 Hardest Musical Instruments to Play

  1. Oboe:


Oboe is also known by the name of the woodwind instrument. This instrument has its name all derived from the French. This instrument was used as for bringing the clearance in the voice production.  This instrument is much intricate in the playing mode as it demands the subtle control to produce the desired tone.  It also requires the switching of fingers again and again to avoid the monotonous impact of the tune.

  1. Drums:


Drums are the part of percussion group of families of the musical instruments. They are carried away with at least one of the membrane known as a drumhead. It is stretched at the shell and is normally struck by the use of drumstick. Djembe drum can be played just by one drummer and Bongo and Timpani drums require set of two or more than two players.

  1. Classical Guitar:

Classical Guitar

The classical guitar is basically known out to be the acoustical wooden guitar. It has six strings on it. The concept of putting a guitar in the musical instrument family was all started from France and Italy. Polymers like material such as nylon are carried out for the usage of the strings of a classical guitar. It is all made from the fine wire wrap on the bass strings

  1. Accordion:


On the second let’s bring on the name of Accordion!  This instrument is much intricate in playing mode as it requires with the playing of multiple lines of music at the same time. Making the use of the bellows is said out to be most challenging of all tasks in it.

  1. Bagpipe:


Last on the list and on top we have Bagpipe! Bagpipes are some of the aerophones that hence make the use of the enclosed reeds. This instrument has been used much in the countries like Europe, the Caucasus, and also around the Persian Gulf and Northern Africa.

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