Top 5 Foods that Make Your Mood Happy and Reduce Depression

It is somehow a reality-based fact that you can make your mood happy and get reduce with the depression by taking some of the food items. Well, this might sound weird but it is true to some extent. There are some of the fruits that have been scientifically tested to be helping out the people in making their depression get all reduced. Let’s have a look at the top 5 foods that make your mood happy and reduce the depression too.

Top 5 Foods that Make Your Mood Happy

Top 5 Foods that Make Your Mood Happy



Dark chocolate is last on our rank that is defined as the best and excellent mood boosters. They are best for giving your mood a set of pleasure. They are high in sources of cacao too. They are stronger in the antioxidants power as compare to other food items.



Coffee is surely taken as the magical food as we do talk about the mood-lifting up. The coffee has the caffeine in it that plays an important role in the mental boosting level! It would be protecting the person against the diabetes issues too. The fewer amounts you will consume the much better results it will show.  You can make it consume just once in a day.



Oysters are the food item that is much low in the calories. This plays an important in reducing the inflammation too. Oysters are much healthy for the heart. You will be getting a great feeling after eating them all. They are added to the high nutrient level of Omega 3 as well as fatty acids. They have the great source of zinc too. It is a perfect known brain food.



On the second among top 5 foods that make your mood happy, we would be bringing up with the name of Kale! This food item is taken to be one of the high sources of the vitamin A, as well as vitamin C and vitamin K and also with the magnesium. You will even be finding it as the high source of the fiber too. It is high in copper as well. It shows the greater impact on the vital functioning of the body.  You can make it add to your salad or juice. It is known as one of the healthy foods on the planet.



On the top let’s make you taste the raw walnuts and cashews! Having this food item will make your body get filled with at least four grams of the proteins and will make the blood sugar level steady as well. This food item is rich in the sources of magnesium and phosphorus.  High level of the magnesium has been playing an important role in the decrease in the depression.

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