Top 5 Famous Victorian Inventions of All Time

Victorian Era is well known and people remember this Era due to its inventions. Queen Victoria ruled over the United Kingdom in the Era which lasted from 1837-1901.During this Era number of inventions came into being which are the products of our daily lives.

These inventions change the world forever this all is due to unique minds of people in Victorian Era. Queens Victoria determination and reliable influence is the root cause of this growth. Following 5 top most famous inventions and many more all are legally known as British Inventions.

Top 5 Famous Victorian Inventions

Top 5 Famous Victorian Inventions of All Time

  1. Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine

The first machine with multiple tasks was invented in the 1840s by American Elias Howe. This machine was small enough to be used at home and this machine had different stitching capabilities. Nowadays this invention is highly demanded.

  1. Telephone


The famous British inventor invented the telephone and patented in 1876. Alexander Graham Bell was interested in doing different experiments and by this, he began with the technology to transmit sound. This is one of the inventions that people use in their daily life, it is the main source of communication people can talk miles of distance away from their loved ones.

  1. Adhesive Postage Stamps

Adhesive Postage Stamps

A distinctive feature that came into being in Victoria’s Era was the idea of postage stamps that came into being in 1840. In the past time, handstamps were used to stamp letters which cause difficulty and people refused to pay. So for easy communication and to show that money had paid postage stamps were used which is also a demand for modern time.

  1. Peddle Driven Bicycle

Peddle Driven Bicycle

The peddle driven bicycle was invented by James Starley from the UK. This machine became popular and this invention is used in the modern Era too. The unique features of this invention were that it had no brakes; the front wheel was 6 feet high.

  1. The First Photograph

The First photograph

William Henry Fox dreamt up a solution to fix images. He loved to sketch and was trying to sketch the scenery but failed to draw exactly the same so he came up with the idea of photography. He used the idea of light to capture the scenes. But soon in 1839, he developed a paper that uses the negative image to make a positive one.

His work laid the foundation of the modern photography, the primary elements in his photography were: developing, fixing and printing. His negative-positive process is the demand of today’s Era which is still used in printing.

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