Top 5 Famous Actresses who Committed Suicide

Well, the sudden demise of your favorite celebrities does give you a big shock because you expected to have much more entertainment by their side on your TV screen. Natural demise is not that much thought-provoking as compare to the suicide attempts.  When a celebrity lifestyle is so much filled with glamour and perfect set up, then what makes them commit suicide so suddenly? Let’s give a look at top 5 famous actresses who committed suicide.

Top 5 Famous Actresses who Committed Suicide

  1. Mindy McCready

Mindy McCready

She was a well-known country artist. She eventually killed herself all through the self-inflicted gunshot wound in the year 2013. Even before 2013, she had attempted the suicide for almost two times. At the time of her death, her kids were already in the foster care.

  1. Lupe Velez

Lupe Velez

Lupe Velez was known out to be one of the rising film stars. On the evening of December 13, 1944, Vélez she was having a dine in with her film co-stars. In the next day early morning, she was found in her bedroom with the consumption of 70 Seconal pills all along with the glass of brandy. Her secretary was the one who found her body in the bedroom for the first. She left the suicide note addresses to Harald Ramond.

  1. Dana Plato

Dana Plato

Next, on our list, we have the name of Dana Plato whose sudden news about the suicide was a shock for the entertainment world. On 8th May 1999, she was found to be dead as due to the overdose of the painkillers at the age of 34 only. For so many years it was not confirmed that whether her death was a suicide or the murder attempt. But then, later on, it was ruled as the suicide.

  1. Margarett Sullivan

Margarett Sullivan

On the 2nd spot, let’s bring you up with the name of Margarette Sullivan! She had been through so many circumstances in her life that lead her to face the suicide. She had experienced the conditions of hearing problems. She had been in severe depression too. She had been in the mental frailty in the 1950s. She died as because of the overdose of barbiturates that was somehow ruled to be accidental as on January 1, 1960. At that time she was at the age of 50.

  1. Peg Entwistle

Peg Entwistle

On the last let’s bring you up with the name of Peg Entwistle! She eventually gained notoriety just as after jumping to her death from “H” cliff at the Hollywood Sign in September 1932. At that time she was at the age of 24.

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