Top 5 Countries with Most FIFA Football World Cup Titles Wins All-Time

It would not be wrong to say that FIFA World Cup event has always remained to be the main talk of the town as this event is completely filled with the entertainment and excitement. This FIFA World Cup event is arranged after every 5 years in which the football teams of all the countries around the globe take part at the best.

Over the years, many countries have emerged as the winner of this event but there are some that have achieved this milestone on multiple occasions. So below we will be taking a look at the top 5 countries with most FIFA football world cup title wins of all-time.

Top 5 Countries with Most FIFA Football World Cup Titles

Top 5 Countries with Most FIFA Football World Cup Titles Wins

  1. Spain:

Spain Football Team

On the 5th spot, we will add the name of Spain as being one of the best countries in the world within the FIFA World Cup event titles.  This country has won the FIFA Football World Cup title just at one time. This did happen in the year 2010.  This country has remained the main host as well.

  1. Argentina:

Argentina Football Team

Argentina is standing on the 4th spot on our list! This country has always remained the part of FIFA World Cup and has won so many titles too. This country has won the FIFA World Cup Title twice as in the years 1978 and in the year 1986.  They are always best with their playing timeline modes and strokes.

  1. Italy:

Italy National Football Team

Italy is another one of the remarkable countries to talk about in the FIFA Football World Cup event that has always remained on top of the list in the winning titles. Italy has won the FIFA Football World Cup titles 4 times in the year 1934 as well as 1938 and in 1982 and 2006.

  1. Germany:

Germany National Football Team

Standing on the 2nd spot, we will share the name of Germany with you! Germany is one of the major parts of FIFA Football World Cup event. This country place has won FIFA titles for 4 times as in the year 1954 as well as in 1974, 1990 and in the year 2014.

  1. Brazil:

Brazil National Football Team

Standing over on top, Brazil is unbeatable and has always ruled the list of the maximum winnings when it comes to the FIFA Football World Cup Titles.  This country has won titles for 5 times in the years 1958, 1962, and in the year 1970, 1994 and in 2002.  This country has hosted this great event multiple times as well.

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