Top 5 Countries with Highest Plastic Surgery Rate in the World 2018

Everyone has the desire to see most pretty or handsome among others. Some people undergo plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is the treatment or reprocessing or repairing parts of the body by transferring of tissues either in the treatment of injury or for beauty, cosmetic purpose. It is usually done to improve function, or to improve normal appearance.

Some reconstructive procedures like liposuction cleft and lip palate surgery tumor removal, laceration repair, scar repair, hand surgery, and breast reduction plasty. It has advantages and disadvantages as well. The basic purpose of the surgery is to improve appearance, self-confidence and enhances beauty. The success ratio of the surgeries is 50%.

Top 5 Countries with Highest Plastic Surgery Rate in the World

Countries ranked high among the Plastic Surgery:

According to the annual report of International Society of Aesthetic plastic surgery (ISAPS) United States of America (17.9%)  Brazil (10.7%), Japan (4.8%), Italy (4.1%), Mexico (3.9%) are dominated in the field of plastic surgery among other countries. Below we have ranked the top 5 countries with highest plastic surgery rate in the world:

  1. Mexico:


Undoubtedly professional excellence attains the attention of people for plastic surgery. Some famous plastic surgeons present here. Approximately 923,243 (3.9%) procedures are done annually. Common procedures are a facial rejuvenation, breast augmentation, liposuction, best body, and extremity.

  1. Italy:


Italy is accountable for almost 957,814 (4.1%) procedures with eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty, and liposuction with the most common surgical procedure.

  1. Japan:


The third-ranked country is Japan which reported 1,137,976 (4.8%) surgeries per year. The most common surgery performing here is double eyelid surgery, jawline reduction surgery, blepharoplasty. Per capita, 4 people out of thousands have done plastic surgery.

  1. Brazil:


Brazil has the board-certified plastic surgeons for cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery or cosmetic dentistry, facelift and Mac lift, body sculpting, improvement of the breast, abdominal plasty. 2.5 million Procedures done on above-mentioned procedures in the year. Brazilian plastic surgeons have outstanding training. It is second-ranked in plastic surgery. About 2,524,115 (10.7%) cosmetic surgeries of various type are done here. Per capita figure is 12 people per thousand which is very high with related to its population.

  1. United States of America:

United States of America

Staying on the top in every field of life! The USA is a top-ranked country in performing best breast augmentation, liposuction, Buttock Lift, facial rejuvenation. Approximately 4 million cases proceed in the USA, making it top-ranked country according to The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

People spend 16 billion dollars on their beauty. 1.5 million Liposuction procedures around the globe, with about 4,217,862 (17.9%) of those performed in the United States. Every year 20 out of 10000 people have some procedure done.

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