Top 5 Countries Famous for their Food around the World

As you make your tour to any destination place of a country, the very first thing that you probably get to notice in that place is the delicious food items being part of it. Each single country has their own special cuisines that are being further divided into so many of the additional categories as well. Below we will list down the famous top 5 countries famous for their food all around the world.

Top 5 Countries Famous for their Food

Top 5 Countries Famous for their Food around the World

5. USA

USA Foods

This has been taken to be by far one of the top most favorite destinations of food items all over the world.  This place has been all rich with the American traditional food items with the richness of the cuisines as well. You will be finding all your favorite dishes right at this place without any trouble.  You can catch the delicious burgers and tast steaks too. They are taken to be the best sellers in New York.

4. Mexico

Mexican Food

On the 4thn spot let’s bring on with the name of Mexico! This place is an ideal picture to try the delicious food items all the time.  You can take hold of the amazing corns with the beans and tomato paste in it where the sprinkle of the chili peppers is the extraordinary thing to try out right now!

3. China

Chinese Food

On the 3rd spot let’s talk about the amazing China destination that has been always known as best when it comes to the food items.  China has been always popularly known for offering out with the delicious food items all the time.  If you are visiting China soon, then don’t forget to taste their amazing delicious food items.

2. India

Indian Food

On the second spot let’s bring up with the name of India! If you have been to India and you did not try their amazing food dishes, then you probably did make your tour imperfect by yourself. India has been known for serving their dishes that are mostly based on the vegetarian category. They add their dishes with so many spices and sauces that make it incredible to taste around.

1. Itlay

Italian Food

Lastly and yet on top, we have Italy!  To enjoy the delicious food items there is no other better place than Italy. You can catch the brilliant taste with traditional colors of Italian cuisine there that will definitely make your time memorable.

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