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Top 5 Best Lipstick Brands in the World 2018 for Beautiful Lips

The importance of cosmetics cannot be neglected in our lives and no doubt lipsticks are taken as the essential part of women make-up accessories. With the passage of time, there has been a radical change in the texture, style, form and the color of lipsticks due to the entrance of several brands in the market and competition among them.

Lipsticks are not only the product that enhances beauty but it also keeps the lips hydrated and sun protected. So, it is necessary for women to choose quality lipsticks from renowned brands in order to enhance their beauty. Below is the list of top 5 best lipstick brands in the world 2018 that are prominent and adequate in grooming women lips.

Top 5 Best Lipstick Brands in the World

Top 5 Best Lipstick Brands in the World 2018

5) Lancôme

Lancôme Lipstick

Here comes Lancôme on number five with its wide colorful range of lipstick. Most of the celebrities, fashion experts, and models used to prefer Lancôme, which is a luxury subsidiary company of the world famous L’Oréal Paris. It provides an array of value skin care products to women worldwide. Lancôme also collaborates with several celebrities in unveiling the finest lipstick shades in the world. It as well created a liquid lipstick shaker which ultimately turns into a beautiful matte after few minutes. The liquid matte provides an elegant and bold look to women and it comes in seven colors that range from opaque to high bright colors such as purple and red. In addition to that, these lipsticks contain silicone oil which prevents the lips from drying and gave them a classy glossy look.

4) Dior

Dior Lipsticks

Dior was established in 1946 in Paris, France and it has entered the market with both fashion as well as makeup products such as lipsticks, foundation, handbags, and wallets. Now, Dior is a common brand name among celebrities and Hollywood actors. Several make-up artists use Dior due to its exceptional quality and smooth finish. It basically comes in three categories, Dior Addict, Dior Rouge and Diorific. The categories are a couture collection which provides several eye-catching and magical shades of matte lipstick. In fact, Dior offers long-lasting lipsticks that come in a wide range of colors including iconic red, vibrant corals and bold mattes. So, in order to look stylish and trendy women Dior’s lipsticks should not be neglected.


NARS Lipsticks

The company was established by a makeup artist and photographer Francois Nars in 1994 and now it is considered among the best cosmetic and skincare products in the world. NARS is widely known to produce lipsticks with a fruity taste by using fruit extracts with an aim to maintain the health of the lips. In addition to that, NARS as well provide durable and waterproof lipsticks colors which suit the skin complexion of various women belongs to all age groups. NARS is also known to provide the best red lipstick shade in the world. More importantly, the brand uses unique names for its lipsticks that entice women senses and convince them to purchase the product.

2) Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent Lipsticks

The second top position is contained by a worldwide successful cosmetic brand named Yves Saint Laurent. The brand reaches the heart of several women through producing classy lipstick colors and numerous glosses worldwide. These lipsticks contain antioxidant substance as its primary element which helps keep women skin healthy and shiny. Moreover, these antioxidants elements help women with dried and chapped lips because it helps in moisturizing the lips.

1) MAC

MAC Lipsticks

Ranked at no. 1, MAC is the most recognized and famous brand in the world because it provides superior quality products. Several, artists, models and celebrities utilize MAC products because it has a touch of elegance and class. The brand offers a wide range of glosses, tints, and lipsticks that come in all colors and covers all skin type. These lipsticks are well known for being affordable and shiny and no doubt provide a gorgeous and stunning look to the lips at every occasion.

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