Top 5 Best Female Tattoo Artists in the World 2018

Do you love applying tattoo on your body parts? It is a reality-based fact that currently the trend and popularity of the tattoo designs have been getting much high in men and women category. This trend has been much getting in demand in the women much because it adds their personality with the taste of uniqueness. They find themselves to be different while walking in the crowd! Bringing you into the world of tattoo, here we are sharing the list of famous top 5 best female tattoo artists in the world 2018.

Top 5 Best Female Tattoo Artists in the World

5. Kat Von D:

Tattoo Artist Kat Von D
Kat Von D is famously known by the name of Kat Von D. She is the Mexican-born American tattoo artist. She has been also involved in working as the model, musician and television personality. She got the best of the fame and popularity and through the work as a tattoo artist on the TLC reality television show LA Ink. This show was premiered August 7, 2007, in the United States. It ran for four seasons.

4. Lauren Winzer:

Tattoo Artist Lauren Winzer
On the 4th spot, we will be adding the name of Lauren Winzer! She is another one of the top known female tattoo artists in 2018 to try out right now. She has been famously known for the girly tattoos. Much of her tattoo designs are being set aside with the colorful taste of the cartoon characters and vibrant floral arrangements.

3. Rocio Todisco:

Rocio Todisco

The third spot on our list is filled with the name of Rocio Todisco! She is one of the top known female tattoo artists in the world 2018. She grew to popularity in just the least time period of the career start. On her own body, she has applied with almost 16 tattoo designs that are all different in sizes. She got the first tattoo on her body at the age of 16. Her tattoo styles are mostly illustrative of the taste of new American style.

2. Hannah Aitchison:

Tattoo Artist Hannah Aitchison
Hannah Aitchison is another one of the well known American tattoo artists from Chicago, Illinois. She has set up the tattoo shop in Chicago at Deluxe Tattoo. She got the best fame as she made the appearances on the Seasons 1-2 of the TLC reality television show LA Ink. She appeared in the 3 Seasons as a Judge on Best Ink.

1. Nikole Lowe:

Tattoo Artist Nikole Lowe
On the top let’s bring the name of Nikole Lowe! She is a famous known tattoo artist from London. She is the best-known tattoo artist that is on the reality television show London Ink. She started working as the tattoo in the year 1991 at the place of Dermagraphic Tattoo Studio in Auckland’s Ponsonby area, New Zealand.

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